Experience is the key when hiring a photographer who can meet your needs. You want someone who can ensure your memories will be recorded in a creative, professional manner.

Dan is an accredited photographer with publication credits all over the world in some of the leading magazines and websites out there. He has worked for the Associated Press, Invision, Corbis, SplashNews and others over the years, photographing concerts, events and celebrities. He is also experienced with models, portraits, landscapes, creative inspirations and personal moments.

Along with photos, Dan can provide video services, editing, photo restoration and more.

CLICK HERE to visit Dan’s photo website, Atlanta Hot Shots, for samples and pricing.

Here are a few samples for you to check out:

 p51  train2
Ringo Starr James Taylor
Silhouettes  Little-Girl-Lost
 Alabama  mountains
Fred Andrews  goatfarm2
 dance1 Jimmy De Martini, Clay Cook and Zac Brown